War Horse Illustrations

I created 3 original illustrations with binding for the House of Illustration 2016 competition. Sadly I didn't make the cut this year, but I'm really pleased with the results.

All of the illustrations are block printed to create 3 original plates. The different elements of the binding were also cut and printed and then edited in photoshop to create a suggested binding layout as per the competition guidelines. This image shows the front and spine.

I grew up only a few miles from where this book was set - and the author lives - and loved it as a child, so it holds a very special place in my heart.

I wanted to create images that evoked a classic style of book illustration, and to reflect the open, unconditional friendship and bond between Joey and Albert, whilst also being able to portray the raw emotion and challenges both faced. Keeping the images in black and white makes them much more striking to the eye, supporting the stark reality of war.