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Bespoke embroidered and hand-bound memories journal

A handmade book to celebrate the marriage of two very close friends. 

The embroidery design is on linen, with herringbone edging and ribbon detail. I used a combination of coptic and French link stitch to bind plain signatures, giving the recipients loads of space for documenting a lifetime of memories together!

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Hand-Embroidered 'Receiving' Blanket


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I found some lovely fabric featuring these elephants last year, so decided this should be the basis for Lucy’s blanket. At the point I was making it, we didn’t know if she was a girl or boy, so they were the perfect design for both. 

I couldn’t find the exact colour I was after for the main fabric, so hand-dyed natural calico light green and then sketched the design directly on to it using a friction pen.


Each elephant was appliquéd on and the rest of the design embroidered freehand.

I then finished the whole piece using the classic blanket stitch.


Hand printed and bound book

A special commission to celebrate my friends new baby girl, Rosa!


I created original designs and hand printed them using lino on coloured paper to create a striking spine for the book and sections inside.


The front cover was also designed, cut and hand printed on buckram book cloth to reflect my friends love of all things letterpress.


The book was then bound using an exposed coptic stitch, leaving lots of room for adding bits and pieces as Rosa grows up.




War Horse Illustrations

I created 3 original illustrations with binding for the House of Illustration 2016 competition. Sadly I didn't make the cut this year, but I'm really pleased with the results.

All of the illustrations are block printed to create 3 original plates. The different elements of the binding were also cut and printed and then edited in photoshop to create a suggested binding layout as per the competition guidelines. This image shows the front and spine.

I grew up only a few miles from where this book was set - and the author lives - and loved it as a child, so it holds a very special place in my heart.

I wanted to create images that evoked a classic style of book illustration, and to reflect the open, unconditional friendship and bond between Joey and Albert, whilst also being able to portray the raw emotion and challenges both faced. Keeping the images in black and white makes them much more striking to the eye, supporting the stark reality of war.



This chap is a 1st Birthday present for my friends little boy in Brighton.

After doing a bit of research online, I designed and cut the pattern and created a vintage style Giraffe using linen and cotton with blanket stitch edging, a twisted embroidery thread tail and some appliqué patches with a personalised ‘G’ on his rump.

Florals design work

Playing around with some floral illustrations, potentially destined for fabrics and stationary/wrapping?...

The image on the left is ink and watercolour, the right is ink an drawing, finished digitally on textured paper. 

Handmade sketchbook and personalised cover

A private commission, I made this sketchbook/journal and created the personalised cover for a 30th birthday present.


As a lover of all things books, I wanted to create a classic sketchbook and cover for Holly, whilst maintaining a contemporary style.

The sketchbook was made with an exposed coptic stitch in contrasting colour, with handprinted endpapers.

I love this style of binding for a sketchbook as it leaves much more room to add things without distorting the pages. It also means you can open up the sketchbook flat for easier working.


The cover uses upholstery fabric so it's more robust and I also added some wadding to the spine for further protection.


Dead Unicorns - Film artwork

My original artwork and promotional postcards for upcoming film Dead Unicorns by Ian Fielding

The postcards were designed exclusively for the IndieGogo crowd funding campaign and promotion of the film, written and directed by Ian Fielding.

The focus was to create a vintage style design, reminiscent of 1950′s and 1960′s thriller movie posters, each design concentrating on strong themes and imagery from the film.

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Printmaking workshop at Artwave Festival 2015

I found myself at the wonderful Artwave Festival in Lewes this weekend, to run a printing workshop for the Guild of Master Craftsmen Publications.

Despite the scorching weather, we had a full house and everyone got stuck in cutting and printing with lino and found objects. 2 hours definitely wasn't enough time to do all of the things people wanted to and the things I wanted to show them, but I'm pretty confident I've helped make a few more printmakers after the session.

Thanks GMC for getting me involved, thanks Artwave for having us, and thank you to the participants for making it such a great afternoon!